We look to provide a full service offering to our clients. From strategising for their growth and development, we identify and engage with the best partners in the market sector. On contract completion, we work with the client to manage the relationship, from product development, marketing and communications, to royalty reporting and collection. Through careful control of strategy execution, we ensure that the product reaching the end consumer is perfectly aligned with the core brand values.

Working with a range of companies, our focus spans the following areas:

Licensing & Brand Extension
Working with brands, talent, retailers and manufacturing partners, we implement strategies to extend their core business by developing appealing, authentic, commercial products and services

Endorsement & Collaborations
Creating lasting and meaningful partnerships for brands, talent and retailers to achieve their business objectives

Franchising & Retail Development
Using in-depth knowledge of international markets and consumer behaviour, we help retailers expand their global reach through franchise, joint venture or retail license

Brand Investment, Acquisition & Sale
Working with parties looking to acquire and sell IP, secure funds or offer investment opportunities in a wide variety of businesses

Business Development
We work with companies to analyse their existing businesses, helping them to create new strategies for change and growth. This can encompass new brand creation, product development, identifying new distribution channels, and utilizing marketing initiatives

Aspinal of London

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